Arctic Salmon

Arctic Salmon is the web of Fjardalax in Iceland representing a unique way of raising 100% natural Arctic salmon in what is probably the best know waters



A Clear Difference

Farmed Arctic Salmon from Iceland is as close to wild Atlantic salmon as can be. This pure and wholesome delicacy is farmed at low density in pollution free waters where the Arctic current meets the Gulf Stream. The fish have room to swim naturally in spacious sea cages in the rapidly flowing fresh ocean water, emulating nature as closely as possible.

The alternating generation farming strategy was created in order to protect the environment, which has been an ongoing objective from the beginning of the project. The sites are located in three different, spacious fjords which allows for simultaneous use of one fjord for farming and one for harvesting, while the third fjord is being rested for at least half a year to replenish itself in a fully natural way.


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